Concept. (The mind of the artist.)

STRANGE FREAK DESIGNS had been acting on the art-work of Naoto Furuya.

We want to create dark fantasy world that there are imaginary creatures and monsters.

It is a making of Imaginary-Dark-Fantasy (like a monster movie) is executed by using the expression medium of silver jewelry. And, the creation seems to make the actor who comes out in the fantasy.

He is skillful in the creating the rich individuality designs by using human skull is main motif, and adding various arrangements.

The things in the nature are very beautiful. The shape of having continued to evolve spending the hundred million years and to live enchants us.

In the creations, he tried to use various forms of life and animal bones to the motif, or gets some hints to create, and often he takes an impression of the forms of them. It is an attachment mind and his interests and love to living things. He had been gotten the strong feeling of attachment in the life of growing up since children.

In the fashion, we usually make accessories for men's style, but there are many models too that women can wear. Accessories are developed wide and appropriately for from a casual styling such as jeans and T-shirt to the clothes for business suit-style.

If a people grown up and sense of various things of the environment had been changed, we always want to make accessories which can touch a certain heart like the attachment mind that the child can't throw out away.

About designer & History and achievement

Designer   Naoto Furuya
Apr.1978   Born in Chiba.

Oct.2000   S.F.D Started

Mar.2001   Graduate
       "Tokyo polytechnic University Faculty of Arts"

Sep.2006  Exhibition "UNDER" at Tokyo

Apr.2007  Gallery S.F.D OPEN

Apr.2007  Exhibition "U.N.D" at Tokyo

Oct.2009  Exhibition "TRANOI FEMME" at Paris  
Designer F ÒJl
2005 to 2006, we lent accessories and cooperated to TV program "Masked Rider series".
2007 to 2008, we made "hide tribute silver" by cooperating magazine.
Jun. to Jly. 2009, we had making Tour "Strange Laboratory" at 10shops in Japan.
We had been collaborated with many brands and designers, and we often held in-shop-event with them.

We announce a new products 3-4 times a year. And we often have an event a few times a year.
Now we are trading 15 shops in Japan.